Reviews for The Sacred Fury

Karen F.

A page turner.  A rollicking good yarn. You are drawn into the characters lives and adventures. The pace is fast. The issues brought up surround us today and yet, are tied to Edgar Allen Poe's grave. A fun read.


This book will evoke many emotions.  The Sacred Fury was a great read. It was descriptive in every way. It may be fiction, but the reality is it more non fiction. I can't wait to read the next book as it is obvious another must come. I recommend this book to everyone.

Marianne O.

An innovative book that starts and keeps you thinking. Brings many issues to the surface to consider.
Thought provoking but hopefully not a blueprint for the future...

John D.

Try The Sacred Fury for yourself.

Paula Z.

Sacred Fury was a good read. I really liked the protagonists and really didn't like the antagonist.

The story struck a cord within me. Where are we going now? Sacred Fury is scarey yet I enjoyed history mingling with the now. It's the now and the future which is the scariest.

Paul W.

This is a nice blend of fiction, history and current issues facing our nation. The story is both entertaining and enlightening. Give it a read. You'll enjoy it. I did. Looking forward to the sequel.