Barton Cockey

Barton Cockey, MD, FACR, is a retired diagnostic radiologist, an author, and a speaker. As a Baltimore native and a descendant of some of Maryland’s founding families, he has a deep attachment to the heritage of Maryland’s tidewater and is an avid student of the region’s history.

Elizabeth Cockey

Elizabeth Cockey is a practicing artist, a retired therapist, and a motivational speaker. She is involved in environmental conservation, particularly wild migratory bird habitat, and historic preservation projects.

As a husband-and-wife team, the Cockeys have co-authored several books of local interest and a small volume of dog stories. Their most recent book, Untold Stories of the Battenkill, was produced in partnership with, and for the benefit of, a non-profit organization in upstate New York.


The civilized values of liberty, honor, and mutual respect provide the necessary conditions for a just society to flourish. Human nature is so complex, that we cannot reduce the biological realities of sex and race to mere social constructs, or insist on the absolute equality of individuals.

All of us are flawed, and our understanding of the world is imperfect. Therefore, we need to be humble and open to discussion if we are to construct an accurate map of reality. There is an entire generation that has been trained and brainwashed by extreme leftist professors. As students, they have been given a false map of reality, which divides humanity into two groups: oppressed and oppressors.

This false map foments resentment and breaks down our sense of community. The current trend of intolerance, suppression of speech, and demonization of males and whites can lead only to chaos.

The best evidence suggests that human beings developed into various breeds over tens of thousands of years of divergent evolution, as our primitive ancestors adapted to the differing conditions of their surroundings. The study of human bio-diversity suggests that there are genetically encoded differences in the BIP (behavior, intelligence, personality) traits of different racial groups. There is nothing inherently evil about understanding that human traits may not be evenly distributed. On the contrary, censoring discussion of such inborn disparities leads to misunderstanding.

Interracial differences do not make one group metaphysically better or worse than another group, but they do produce unequal outcomes. Blaming one another for these different outcomes will not improve anyone’s circumstances.

The world around us gives us feedback, and we are programmed to respond to it. If you stub your toe against a rock, it hurts, and you learn something useful about how to move through the world. Denying the reality of the rock and blaming your brother for the pain will not help you in any way.

The recent mania for removing historic statues and flags will lead not to healing, but to further polarization between groups. Acquiescence in these acts of vandalism will only embolden the next group of thugs to tear down something else. There can be no happy ending for this kind of destructive behavior.

To those who are paying attention, it is clear that the destruction of monuments is part of a greater campaign to crush American culture through manipulated social media, biased news outlets, and mob suppression of dissenting speech.

We believe that the only way out of this engineered collapse of Western society is through the confident reassertion of our founding principles and an unflinching examination of the basic truths of human existence. And, in this time of aggressive denial of free expression, we suggest that if you want to know who’s worth paying attention to, you should look at who is being silenced.