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When a retired diagnostic radiologist and an art therapist get together, you get the husband-wife team behind The Sacred Fury.
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The Sacred Fury

Meet Klaus Pyknos, a.k.a. “the Chair,” multi-multi-billionaire currency manipulator, destroyer of economies, and mastermind behind the multinational nonprofit GOOD (Global Outreach Organizing for Diversity). From his headquarters in Baltimore County, he gives orders to both political parties. He controls the narrative in the news networks. He profits from chaos. America is a ripe fruit ready to fall into his hands. But he has one problem: he knows that he is dying, and he believes that the secret potion that could save him is buried with the remains of Edgar Allan Poe. Set against a Baltimore of rioters, vandals, and vanishing monuments, The Sacred Fury is the story of a young couple caught up in the vortex of the sinister plutocrat’s mad designs. Now on Amazon